Andrea Parker

Assistant Professor of Personal Health Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction

You can tell there’s a real passion in Andrea Parker’s work. It shines through and has been a staple throughout her career. The assistant professor of personal health informatics and human-computer interaction has managed to merge her love of research, technology, and giving back to the community as part of her daily life.

Parker is all about using human-centered technology to promote and sustain healthy lifestyles in some of Boston’s most economically depressed neighborhoods — the ones lacking in access to healthy food.

Her research helps combat obesity while strengthening eating habits, physical activity and relationships in the household.

Parker has designed touch-screen applications and serious games that promote healthy eating and physical activity. Her work seeks to improve wellness across the lifespan, from young children to adults.

Through her research, Parker is continuously collaborating with other Northeastern University faculty members. The interdisciplinary research has Parker collaborating with health scientists, computer scientists, psychologists and communication researchers.

This human-centered approach to research is just another example of how Northeastern University is all about connecting people.



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