Michael Warner

Michael Warner is a corporate educator. But certain apprehensions always prevented him from continuing his education, particularly when it came to earning his master’s degree.

“I’d wanted to get my master’s for years, but I didn’t want to be that 50-year-old in the back of a class of 24-year-olds,” Warner said.

But Warner got over his apprehension, took the leap, and enrolled in Northeastern University’s e-Learning and Instructional Design program. He hit the ground running and fully embraced technology, opting to use a Kindle over traditional hardcover books.

He even applied his own online education from Northeastern to make his own company’s learning models more engaging for all. Warner’s in the process of defining new eLearning models and helping to specify a new Learning Content Management System as direct result of what he learned.

“It’s been hugely rewarding to use what I learned every day,” he said. So rewarding, in fact, that Warner believes that he just might take the next leap and earn his Ph.D. “I am in the business of education after all.”

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